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    November 30, 2011


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    rent my flat for Olympics

    Will see in 2012 what is going to happen.Go Phelps.

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    Yes, it is already FINA-approved.

    I think Speedo did a brilliant job today. Really excellent marketing. Of course, swimmers endorsed by Speedo are going to "sell" the product. I don't blame them one bit. I like, however, that Lochte proved technology isn't necessary to swim faster than everyone's ever swam. This, of course, changes the playing field again. My girls would love these goggles, too!


    Scott....I'm certain Speedo has gotten approval by FINA already.
    ForTomorrow10.... I think Phelps and Lochte are very loyal to Speedo. Speedo's a like a supportive parent in a swimmer's life. You wear it from childhood, meet the Speedo team early on (before you b/c world-class), and Speedo's the first endorsement deal you typically get. It's hard to be critical of them when you're signed. (I was a Speedo athlete in my day.) I think all the top brand will come out with a similiar suit in 2012.

    Scott Layden

    Swim suits should now have to be approved BEFORE use. I can understand how drugs might be an "after the fact" item, but suits...get 'em approved PRIOR.


    What do you think about this, Mel? 2 world records go down at Worlds without any tech suits. Quotes from Lochte and Phelps about how it's "about swimming again" null and void? What do you think?

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