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    August 27, 2011


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    GMM and Richard ... innocent until proven a cheater is something I agree to wholeheartedly.

    However Biedermanns swims in 2009 surprised me and many other germans immensly. Especially as his coach caution people not too expect too much from "Paule" as he had sufferd a nasty infection while preparing for the 2009 season. Shortly after that notion from the coach Biederman broke the GR in the 400m free and the ER in the 200m free at nationals and droped another 6s/400m and 2s/200m at worlds.
    It's huge when a swimer at that level drops a second or two but six? (in 4 weeks) that's extrem and it makes it difficult not to doubt him. He droped about 1 second each year from 2006-2009 and then his performens at worlds, that he seemingly can't get close to again. It just does not add up and that's why so many people have a problem with Biedermanns times.


    Richard, I agree, innocent until proven a cheater, however, there is evidence in her case, as there is from the 1976 Olympics and E. German Women's peformances. After the wall fell a lot information surfaced. FROM SLATE'S REPORT: "There's plenty of circumstantial evidence, beyond Kratochvilova's physique. East German secret police files contain a letter in which Koch complains that her performance-enhancing drugs aren't potent enough."

    Richard Skerrett

    Biedermann's time was legitimate under the rules as they stood. That's the time he actually swam. The suit didn't swim it for him. Before that suit was developed Phelps was using the fastest suit in the world and nobody complained. Did Bob Bowman complain? Biedermann is still one of the world's fastest swimmers in a pair of trunks.

    As far as I know nobody ever proved that Kratochvila took drugs either. Until someone does her record should stand.


    GMM...I'm not an expert either but I'm conflicted about hormon level tests.
    On the one hand I'm all for keeping the sport fair, banning cheaters and protecting athletes. On the other hand I disagree with the idea of an transparent athlete whose whole life including the (blood)testresults is draged into the limelight and I fear that's where we are heading with those tests.
    In my opinion it doesn't matter what the athletes do sports- or lifewise they deserve as much privacy as everyone else and it should be their desicion if and when they give something away. There should be a notification when someone gets banned for doping but it does not have to/should not be an epic diss like it's ritualistic in cycling.

    "WADA may test hormone levels after an athlete tests positive for a banned drug. Does anyone know if they do?)"
    The german speedskater and former olympic champion Claudia Pechstein served a two year banned for abnormal blood levels despite never failing a drug test.
    Short article about it in the Washingtonpost:

    PS: Please overlook any typos and grammer errors, its past midnight over here. I'll come back to your site tomorrow - good day/night


    Elena...strong points all around.
    What do you think about testing hormones levels? (I'm not an expert on this topic. Some reporters focus on nothing else in the sports world. WADA may test hormone levels after an athlete tests positive for a banned drug. Does anyone know if they do?)


    I criticize Biedermann and especially those seconds he droped that year but his WR is anything but untouchable. It will take some time but it will fall. I have no doubt about that! :)

    I don't think that taking a cheater away in handcuffs will deter others from doping but that's because I don't belief in stating an examble. Greed/being able to afford a certain lifestyle is too storng a motivation.
    The doping debate always makes me wonder if I (and all the others that do sports for recreation only) would test positiv or not. The anti doping-rules are ridiculous tight and drifted from thier roots of protecting the athletes from harm (even from semself).
    I think the rules need a make over and refocus on the potential harm to the athletes. It should not be a crime to use over-the-counter medications like NyQuil when someone has a cold/flu.


    ...I've heard that a lot, and I can certainly undestand why you feel that way, Lili.


    For me, Biedermann's 1:42.00 is as disgraceful and untouchable as Kratochvílová's 1:53.28. That's all I want to say about the subject.

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