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    August 17, 2011


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    Braden Keith

    Clearly a political move (seems a bit shady for the LT. Governor and secretary of state to be the same person in the first place), but she's probably right. The tricky part is that there doesn't seem to be an official objective litmus test for establishing residency; it's usually centered around intents and the like. For things like voter registration, it's usually not worth the resources to investigate, so I'd imagine the bar of proof in those situations is pretty low.

    That's where he messed up. Two of the most obvious tests are driver's liscence and voter registration. He's got one, but not the other, and that leaves the door open for a partisan SOS to disqualify him from the race. If he registered to vote in California, then he declared himself a resident of that state, at least in 2009. His only back-track would be to say that he fraudulently voted in California...but that wouldn't do any good for his campaign either.

    Looks like he'll have to wait until the next election. But very interesting find Mel, good pickup.

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