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    « Kenyan Olympic marathon champion, Sammy Wanjiru, dies after jumping from bedroom balcony | Main | 2018 bid cities to make pitches to IOC members - »

    May 17, 2011


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    Hi Robin....thanks for the comment... You're right! Olympians are the most careful around the water, and respectful of the water. You must be respectful and understand that even the best swimmers experience moments where they can't swim. It's rare, but we've all witnessed it.


    Excellent point. I work at a swim school's office, and so many parents ask before even starting, "How many lessons until they can REALLY swim?" with the obvious subtext of "when can I sit on deck and read a book or sunbathe without having to watch them like a hawk?" My standard, hopefully kind response is, "Well, they have lifeguards even at the Olympics. With kids, you always want to have your eyes on them, and being within arms' reach or at least a few swim strokes' reach is a good thing."

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