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    « Olympic Coach, David Marsh, To Help Spearhead Queens University Swim Team | Main | Swimmer Movies: The List Grows Longer »

    March 20, 2010


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    Jorge Aguado

    Another one is German Film "Der Tunnel"


    Is "Alex" on the list yet? I saw that it was on the top ten swimming movies list, although I haven't seen it.

    Still looking for a trailer...


    Valeria, the French film looks amazing.... Haven't seen it. From a quick search it looks like it hasn't been released yet. Is it out? Or coming out in April?


    Christie, I'm intrigued by the subject because I sold a swimming project in 1998. Almost every studio bid on it in an auction. It sold quickly then languished in development hell for nearly 5 years. I worked with an established writer (who was a great guy and a swimmers himself) and we had an academy awarding producer behind it... Still, it's hard to sell swimming projects. If you'll notice from the growing list, films with swimming as a central theme have only been produced by foreign countries. Sure, swimming projects on TV have been produced-- "movies of the week" -- but not big budgets vehicles. Indy films are probably the best avenue for swimming projects in the U.S. market.


    There is a French movie "welcome".
    It's amazing and breathtaking, a great story!
    you have to see this movie.


    Why is it that there aren't very many swim films? There are more football movies than I could ever count, but you can count the number of swimming movies on one hand. I don't think it's for a lack of inspiration; there's plenty of inspiring stories in the swimming world. Any ideas?


    Got to see "Watercolors," haven't heard about it....


    "SwimFan" was... creepy. I saw it after I initially hurt my knee last summer, ironically, swimming. (Now going in for surgery May 12th). "The Thirteenth Year" is just too cute. Of course, "Unfiltered" (Love that film). "Breaking the Surface" is actually about diver Greg Louganis, but it counts. And "Watercolors," which is a 2008 Indie film; the dvd comes out May 10th.


    Great list! Saw "The Swimmer" a few years back - compelling, sad, a little creepy, artful. Three stars.


    The Thirteenth Year? I have to check it out. I will check it out... Thx, Carrie.


    There's actually a Disney Channel movie where the main character is a swimmer. Although the main focus of the movie is that he finds out he's a merman. It's called "The Thirteenth Year." I give it 3 out of 4 medals.

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