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    « Olympic Shame and Selflessness, 2008 and 09 Resolutions | Main | Megan Jendrick, GOLD MEDAL MINUTE »

    January 10, 2009


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    gregory m. gregerson

    Hey Mel, The question with the vegan plan is getting enough protein, lots of egg plant and tofu. Try Los Osos and the sand bar next time you're on the central coast. Fun stuff, Burbank Greg.


    taking about another french , alain bernard is going to Coral Sping (florida) for swim camp from the 1st to the 13th febuary


    Awesome as usual. I bet that was a bitch to edit! But your hard work is always much appreciated by your loyal followers.


    i think she does speak english , she loves coming to train in colorado before the big races, last year , she came to the usa to train before the games. on her wiki page , you will see that she has won a lot of races in the usa , her best result in the usa , is her gold medal in atlanta .


    Maly, does she speak English? Think she would do an interview with me?


    in france , jannie longo is a sport icon , she hasn't ruled out the possibility of going to london in 2012,


    Neptune, I did not know about Jeannie Longo (and I should)! 50 years old? 4th at the Olympics? Unbelievable!


    awesome debut Mel - looking forward to more of these.

    The Fiery Messengers of Neptune

    I am still new to this BIG SWIMMING comm. You prolly don't remember me. I haven't been here since Christmas because I have been spending a lot of time on MPhelps Daily lately. Crazy but excellent stuff going on there too...

    I am glad to see you're still in puuuurrfect shape, Mel!
    Amazing interview and again you're also the reason why it is good ;)

    I agree, "middle-age returns" are always impressive.
    I know this has nothing to do with swimming but as a European, my absolute reference in sports would be French racing cyclist Jeannie Longo. Few Americans truly know about her, unfortunately. She already won 1013 trophies - true fact no joke! She never really stop competing, she's now 50 and she even managed to finish 4th (!!!) during the last Olympics. That woman is such a miracle of nature. Even local journalists have stopped interviewing her because they have no words left to describe her.
    I believe diet is the key, for Longo also mentioned having drastic changes in that department in order to stay fit.

    Am also having Agassi in mind. I mean, isn't he like the best example, like the perfect metaphor for "return" since IT was HIS best shot?...

    Mel, I could speak about "middle-age returns" for hours. Thanks for popping up this subject...


    You're really really good at what you're doing...


    Thanks Melissa R! Trying to have fun along the way...
    FYI: Lots of women will be interviewed over the next few weeks on GOLD MEDAL MINUTE......

    Melissa R.

    Great Interview! He is an interesting and inspirational guy. And I like the new intro.

    Mel Stewart

    Thanks Megan


    Whoa. That's amazing. What a humble, inspirational, driven guy. Great interview and and writing.

    I wish Rich all the best for a happy, successful and fun 2009.

    Mel Stewart

    Rich is inspiring! I didn't even know how great he was until I started reading his blog.... He never brought it up!!! I'd like to go to the Ultraman as a reporter in 09 and see everything first hand.....


    Cool that you profiled Rich here Mel!

    I LOVE the Ultraman. It is my one event goal left in triathlon and I hope I get to do it before I leave this earth... If I don't, I hope someone will scatter me over the course!
    I've seen the swim and the run - some of the bike course, but not all.
    It is paradise with the tiniest flashes of hell. So tiny, they are quickly forgotten after the finish line.

    Rich goin at it vegan is impressive. I've been a vegetarian/vegan for about 11 years. Its very do-able and clean fueling.

    Congratulations and good luck to Rich in the new year!

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