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    January 16, 2009


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    The Fiery Messengers of Neptune

    Al-right. This is getting insane. I can't decently write how good you are EVERYTIME I bump into your vlog. Mel, this is good. Again. Now tata and period. ;D

    Funny cause I sort of discussed this yesterday night with a government stastistician - yep couldn't believe it myself but true fact that's his job.

    He told me that athletes like artists fall in a special category. Their activity is only based on performance not on productivity. And this has tremendous impact, far beyond economical concerns.

    As a documentary maker, I can tell that when your project is declined after you spent a year working on it and you have nothing to release, you're non-existent economically, socially and in the mirror in the morning. So I can imagine pretty easily what it feels like to "lose" when you're an Olympic swimmer. Meaning not to be able to "perform".

    However, when you face that kind of situation, you often get more sensitive to what truly matters. Your partner and family, your friends, the love for your art but most of all, life...

    P.S. I couldn't find anything consistent on the web regarding Janie Longo. She is not really into technology, you know. She lives close to nature in the mountains with lambs, horses and cows where she produces her own milk...


    Thanks for this interview, Mel. I have so much respect for Megan and I really appreciate the book she and Nathan wrote, Get Wet, Get Fit. I'm a breaststroker as well and have learned a lot from Megan...such a great girl!

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