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    January 31, 2009


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    I came across your blog and youtube channel looking up stuff on Cullen Jones. You seem like a cool guy with a good heart. I'm a Christian, so I watched PTL as a child and remember it vividly. I just really became a fan of swimming during the Olympics. I think what your foundation is doing is great! Oh and I eat way to much cheese too. Lol. I've added you and your family to my prayers. God bless you!


    wow, great list. matt biondi was always my fav swimmer. i still have a poster of him on my office wall, it is the victory one. i remember i also had a pair of arena goggles that were called the matt biondi .


    Your just the best. I'm stuck at home with back problems.. your keeping me amused.... THANK YOU!!!

    #12 #12 #12- that would be the best thing EVER. If they can show the xgames and all the sports associated with it. Why can't the sponsors step up and do the same for the swimmers. That would be the best way to bring more attention to the sport every year. Focus on all the athletes- not the same ones over and over again. I think that's what bothered me the most during this olympics. The special interst pieces are my 2nd favorite thing to watch and this time they were all on Phelps.The interviews - Phelps. Now I am a huge fan but lets spread it out some. Everyone knew what he was trying to do and most were rooting for him. They just went over board. If I wasnt home sick on the first Wed, I would have missed: The World According to Lochte. That so should have been on prime time. The fact the Peirsol won back to back golds in the 100back, Natalie and all her metals.. they deserved more attention.

    Mel I found the piece they did on you in 92. hysterical! The past few weeks I have had nights when I couldn't sleep so I looked at old videos from past olympics. They did any where from 2-3 per night for swimming all on different athletes and not just the americans. This year there was one a night on Phelps and maybe one other. it was sad. I like learning about the other swimmers.
    ok i wrote a book .. sorry


    Don't eat the active culture - become the active culture!

    You are so on the right track Mel. Keep it going strong. If you get tired, then call out on your thousands of swimmers.

    Love you and most anything you come up with to promote the sport I love with a PASSION!

    (ahelee from california)

    Dean Hutchinson

    This was ausome...for the insight into you...into swimming...Labi...all of it...and of my swimmming heroes...well done...tell the family hi


    Oh my gosh, the slid down the Great Wall looks so. much. fun!

    Thanks for posting all this! I love learning more about people, and your firsthand experiences and this footage is really interesting. #20 really stuck out, but I disagree completely with #22 (UNC v. Duke men's basketball - make sure to catch it this year. It may change your mind!). I'm biased though, since my college experience has revolved around sports.

    I can safely say every true swim fan appreciates everything you're doing. Thanks Mel! :)

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