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    December 07, 2008


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    REEZY!!!! this man has so much marketing potential (more than michael phelps if you ask me). i think that this new deal will allow reezy to do whatever he wants to do; he has the power to lead his own career. if he wants to do a clothing line, he can do that. if he wants to do modeling, he can do that. but think farther out than that!!! if he wants to do a guest spot in a lil' wayne video, he could do that. if wants to be in a movie, he could do that. for crying out loud i bet he could get his face on a video game! this contract is equally promising to the world of swimming as phelps's 8 golds because reezy signed with an ENTERTAINMENT agency, whereas octagon is more sports-oriented. if we can get ryan lochte's face all over america in magazines and stuff, imagine the prominence it will bring to swimming. if we can get phelps & lochte and a few other swimmers into national prominence, then we will see phelps (and many others) dream come true, and swimming will no longer be a 4-year sport!



    I've been so tired, I'm just now checking in.... I love the comments. They're so well thought-out...and I love long comments too. Sometimes you got to take the space to say what you gotta say.....


    Thank you so much GMM for all of the inside scoop on Ryan Lochte. I could not be happier for him and so excited to see what comes out of his relationship with PMK. In addition to his exciting moves outside of the pool, his performances were amazing and awesome to watch.

    As a sports fan, it's so refreshing to watch a sport where the stars are so friendly, laid back and approachable.

    The efforts you and Mr. LaBi put into promoting USA Swimming are so much appreciated by fans because you give us access to events and swimmers when we cannot be there. I learned so many new things about the sport by reading your blog and watching your videos. I will have my eye on Dagny Knutson in the future, that's for sure.


    Yay for Reezy breaking out on his own. Can't wait to see what PMK is gonna do with him...

    Love your WR video. It's great to see you at that time in your swimming career...Marsh definitely knows what he's doing.

    Mary Descenza is so adorable! I'm so glad she had such a great meet...hope to see lots from her in the future. And opening a bakery and cake decorating?? That's the greatest thing ever. :)

    Thanks for all the news, videos, vlogs, interviews, results, EVERYTHING. I really appreciate your willingness to reach out to swim fans/olympic fans like myself. Great job, as always. ;)


    A clothing line would be really difficult. Celebrity lines and hip hop inspired ones usually dont last very long. He would have to build a really strong following based on his sense of style. Working with Mens fashion magazines or blogs would be really cool. He could probably use his sense of humor in Complex.


    I think that ryan should look into maybe designing more of the 2012 olympic gear. He has to know that the process of designing a line isn't as easy as it seems, and by working with a company he can focus on the "design" aspect rather than have to worry about the design, business and marketing parts of it (such as pattern makers, textile selections, fittings, advertising, ect). The fashion market is a dangerous one and you take a gamble when you enter it. He could make limited edition collections for companies and I think that's where he might want to focus.

    He is a quite versatile person and I can see him doing some fashion and sports related advertisements (such as Gatorade, Calvin Klein maybe Lacoste or Louis Vuitton even, although I don't think "high fashion" is reezy, he might want to stay away from YSL, and other big brands because it doesn't really fit him) Also I can some how see him doing perfume ads as well - Lacoste Essential (the past themes of the perfume have been water related so it seems like a fit, he needs to remind people he's a swimmer and not just a model)


    so sad that the SCNs are over. it really does go by too fast!

    well, it's official. the reeze has left the octagon building. i don't know why, but i'm not particularly worried about Ryan when it comes to being handled by the new firm. they have a good track record, with a lot of A-listers. then again he also strikes me as someone who won't be forced into something he's not willing to do.

    with that being said, i wouldn't mind seeing his pretty mug splashed all over the place. Tiff has a good idea about the Diesel thing. he definitely has a great 'model' look to him. yes he gives awesome smile, but he does those brooding faced pics justice as well. so YES to modeling.

    and yes to the clothing line. i don't know where he can go with it - maybe a line that caters to swim wear that doubles as some form of street wear. (i have to admit i voted for phelps/lochte as the best dressed on the OYTD poll. what does that say about MY fashion sense. lmao). the clothing line will fly, but as C says, there's a fine line.

    that's cool that you put your WR vid up. sounds like Marsh knows what he's talking about!

    thanks for the Descenza interview.. she's adorable. i'll be keeping an eye out for her over the next 4 years.



    A Reezy clothing line, huh? He's definitely going to have to walk the line between mainstream and a bit of that hip hop flavor - which I don't think would be too difficult because it seems like it's all sort of blending together these days anyway - like Triple 5 Soul.

    I'm not exactly sure what it'll take for him to be a huge success but I hope that being handled by a big Hollywood agency doesn't result in an attempt to tame the beast that is Ryan Lochte. What I mean is, I hope they don't try and create a persona for him (though I don't know he's actually be capable of playing along) because what makes him so endearing is that he always seems incredibly sincere and accessible no matter what he's talking about - which is hard to find with most people, not just public figures. Reezy is a rare specimen in many ways. I think he's sincerity will actually allow him to be one of those guys that other guys can be ok with or perhaps be secret fans of. Sure, he's better looking than you ("you" as in the general male population) but he seems like a genuinely nice guy, and he's probably not actively trying to steal your girlfriend.

    The modeling thing? Psh, that's a piece of cake. He's just ridiculously good looking. In terms of branding? Depends on what kind of ads we're talking about. Personally I think he'd be better off partnering up with a label that does more light-hearted advertising. Considering how smiley this guy is it seems like it'd be very natural. Maybe something in the same vein of the Gap holiday advertising (I know a bunch of girls are gasping at the thought of them covering his 8 pack in multiple sweaters but hear me out) Not that we don't all want to see him in his underwear, I just think that doing something more "friendly" makes him seem more accessible and people like that (it's less intimidating to guys, too) Also, it might get the attention of a more mainstream audience which he'll need to build on his popularity. Plus it differentiates from most of the print advertising that's out there right now. Not a lot of smiling going on these days. I'm not really a fan of brooding stares in general, but that's just me. I think he can do both (and probably should) but he shouldn't just stick to the Right Said Fred "I'm Too Sexy" type of modeling.

    P.S. Sorry this is the longest comment ever.

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