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    « 105th World Record Falls Amid Swimsuit Technology Fears... | Main | USMS Nets Endorsement Deal, Milorad Cavic sets sights on Beating Michael Phelps »

    December 17, 2008


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    for someone who swims 3 hours a day and can still look that gorgeous is very impressive,what is her secret?i would like to know.i wish i looked half as good as her!


    Octagon is looking more like a triangle these days. Everyone is jumpin' ship!

    You lose a precious gem like Lochte... you're done!


    I've always wondered why she doesn't have more deals that feature her figure? She's GORGEOUS. IMHO far more attractive than Amanda Beard and possibly the hottest female swimmer out there, matching the echelon of Coughlin.


    Lisa, what I'm hearing (and it is hearsay) is that Crocker probably would've left Peter Carlisle/Octagon, but his career as a competitive swimmer is over (essentially.... You never know with these guys, though. Crocker still has the WR in the 100 fly, and he isn't really old compared to Lezak or Torres). Anyway, assuming he is, in fact, done, why go through the legality of a split. It's a hassle... Crocker is going full bore into the swimming biz, starting a swim school, and a team. He'll be successful there for sure....


    Good for her! Such a great swimmer and role model. I'm a fitness swimmer, the breaststroke being my favorite, so I always enjoy learning from her and watching her swim. I wish her all the best.

    But that's two major swimmers that have left Octagon recently...will more follow?


    Congratulations to Megan! I can't wait to see what the future will bring for her. :)

    I remember there were rumors of Ian Crocker leaving Octagon, too. Has it been revealed if there was any truth to that?

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