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    December 19, 2008


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    i seriously love GWG. i love his story, and his dedication, hard work, all of it. and the fact that he's doing his part to spread the healthy vibe. my dad has high blood pressure - which is a scary thing in itself. he's not a swimmer, but i've tried a few of Garrett's recipes (and they are absolutely delicious, like the salmon one.)

    i haven't bought the dvd yet. honestly, i'm waiting to see if anyone got it for me as a christmas gift :) but can't wait to see it.

    and another thing, i know i've told you before, but thanks *again* for giving GWG some love.

    Mel Stewart

    The more I get to know, GWG, the more I like him... Everyone knows a student or an athlete that went a lot further than you ever thought they could. I'm glad GWG has shared that part of his story too. He's so FAST now, you'd never know it... I think he's got a lot of GOLD left to win between now and 2012. Beijing had to be a huge confidence builder.......


    This is the kind of athlete I like to hear about, to hold up as examples for my kids and for my own enjoyment - those for whom it wasn't ever close to being easy, but they're still persevering, working hard and getting it done. Best of luck to GWG in swimming, cooking, all of it... but then he's the kind of guy that makes his own luck.

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