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    December 24, 2008


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    Mel-- The video with Bayley (she is so precious!!!) completely warmed my heart and made me remember when I was that excited to get my American Girl doll (I may or may not have decided to play hairdresser with my Molly doll.. scissors were involved. We're not going to talk about that though).

    Additionally-- like I said on FB, that Lochte video completely made my Christmas (and made up for a few questionable sweaters I received), you are wayyyyy too good to us. Reezy for the win, all day. Everyday.

    Candace- we all can assure you, the video is not lame, it is 20 shades of epic win. Our efforts we're not wasted! ;) We have battle scars to prove it!

    Merry Christmas!<3


    MP Fan, Merry Christmas to you!!!

    Candace, whatever you post will be much appreciated...... :)


    Okay now I'm nervous with all the hype that my video is going to end up seeming super lame!

    'Tis my Christmas present to the Lochte lovers of the world. It's nothing as wonderful as your eye-candy videos but it should be quite humorous.

    It shall be arriving soon I promise!

    MP Fan

    Merry Christmas!


    Neptune, i have a wife to guide me....

    Crystal, I'm with you. Where's this vid Candace keeps talking about....

    The Fiery Messengers of Neptune

    Oh Mel Mel Mel, you are so naughty teasing both our oestrogens and motherly instincts with your videos!

    Cheers, happy holidays and long live chlorine addicts!


    i don't know how you do it, but you always manage to know exactly what we (the RSL lovers) want/need to see. yes i said need. thanks for this absolutely delicious video!

    Candace has been teasing about her video for a few days now. Heather's apparently even in on it and they're both being all 007 top secret about it, and i can't freaking wait.

    Bayley is seriously adorable. i love how she's still into santa. i wish my niece and nephew still believed in him.

    happy holidays, Mel, and family :)

    Mel Stewart

    Kimmie, thank you!!!

    Candace, send me a link if you remember, re; your response....

    Happy Holidays!


    GMM- Thanks so much for the Reezy videos and all that you do for us crazy swim fans! Bayley is SO adorable. Merry Christmas!


    Oh sir, do I have a Lochte video response for you! (premiering tomorrow)

    The video of Bayley is so sweet. I'm sure she'll appreciate her American Girl doll more than I did. I got Samantha (when I was young enough to receive such a gift) and I never brushed that thing's hair - can we say "rats' nest?" It's ok, she's rockin' the dreads.

    Much love to the Stewart clan! Happy Holidays.

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