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    « GMM's Goin' to NATIONAL CHAMPS in ATLANTA DEC 4-6 | Main | GMM LIVE, 3:00 pm Dec 5th »

    December 03, 2008


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    Crystal, that *would* be EPIC. It's offical, I've decided I'm going in 2012. It WILL happen. ;)


    @ megs...
    i think there's a few people trying to save for 2012. how epic would it be to a) travel across the pond, b) go to the games, c) see mp at his last 'big show' o_o

    hells jeah, we gotta make it happen! :)

    you should def. find out about the rap for the montage. that would be great!


    i think i sent you the roma 09 preview vid.


    Olympic freaks unite! LOL

    Ah ha! I should know learn something new everyday. ;) Reezy making a US Open Record would be awesome. A particular event you're thinking of? And any other predictions?


    Megan, I'm w/you!!!! World Records? Not in yards. They call it a US OPEN RECORD, which essentially means the fastest "yards" (25 yards as opposed to meters) time in history.... I have high hopes that Reezy will pop a US OPEN RECORD....

    Crystal, no rap albums coming any time soon, but FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK, because my brother-in-law does rap. And HE'S GREAT!!!! I want to use one of his raps for a Reezy montage video.... Gotta talk to Reezy a/it though.....


    I'm an Olympics freak. Not just swimming (though it's my favorite) but gymnastics, snowboarding, speed skating, water name it, I'm glued to the TV the entire 2 weeks of any Olympic Games. It's great to see different Olympians interacting and I love learning about past Olympians!

    God, I wish I could go to have no idea. I had this crazy idea a couple weeks ago to start saving up for London 2012...I've got 4 years to work with and it would be the most epic event ever. At least in my life. ;)

    I don't have any specific question for any athlete, but I do enjoy the more random questions. As a fan, I hear interviewers ask the same questions time after time. It gets to the point where I know exactly how the athlete will respond. We need some variety! Learn more about the person, likes, dislikes, favorites, and just have fun with the questions!

    Good question Crystal, regarding Reezy. I'm wondering if certain swimmers "lurk" in other lj comms as well...that would be interesting...

    Have fun in Atlanta--I'm looking forward to hearing all that goes down! Any WR you think??


    geeeez @ Nadia's 76 routine :o

    that lochte love video is so funny! i especially liked the part where you broke into rap. any thoughts on cutting an album? :)

    man, i wish i could go to rome. you will just have to keep me updated on the whole ordeal over there. i'm happy i'm going to the austin grand prix though. even have plans to attend trials in IN, in july. rome is just too far out of reach, especially for my pocket.

    a few more questions:

    for GWG - did you hit the times that you were aiming for? if not, what are some of the changes to your work out that could help improve?

    for mr lochte - are you aware of the daily reeze, and do you ever visit (aka "lurk"). if not, will you? :P

    and i have one for you Mel, is there a way to watch the races? i know some vids filtered in through the MN grand prix, but is this the same thing or a completely different animal (when it comes to being broadcast).

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