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    December 27, 2008


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    No worries, Crystal. It's all good..................


    i seriously love the chlorination stuff. and the cat bit at the end of the last vid? priceless.

    Mel, did you catch C's vid where she interviewed Sean (i think that's his name). it was so funny!

    of course there's more 007 stuff goin down on new years day :P

    i totally didn't mean to just spam your blog with OYTD related stuff o_o


    If I ever get one, a GMM exclusive interview is an absolute must.


    Much love back, Candace.... Looking forward to seeing your talent in '09! (You need a network hosting gig. You've got IT!)


    "and she is just now realizing her dad ran around half-naked most of his life."

    I think it's funny when male swimmers refer to being half naked in their're easily 9/10ths naked, fellas (granted it's an important tenth).

    I'm a little sad to hear I was a somewhat late in tuning in and missed out on the unfiltered GMM experience. But it's a great blog/vlog, Mel. You obviously still have a passion for the sport and it comes out in your writing, commentary and interviews. It's great to see swimming being covered that way. Thanks, and have a great New Year!


    How ironic that you posted this Chlorination video. During our pre-party-meeting, mid-GMM-fangirling phase, Valeria and I were huge fans of these Chlorination videos and thought them proof of your awesomeness - we still do.

    So honored to have been part of your highlights video (and to have been invited to the party in the first place)

    Much love, as always!

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