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    November 24, 2008


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    gold Medal Mel

    FYI: Writing about "Lovin Lochte" in a few weeks. I'll make sure to drop Reezy as much as possible, with a link.....

    TONY!!!!! What's up bud? I'm also dropping more pro-circuit bombs! I just interviewed PETER MARSHALL (who was on vacation in HONG KONG). Peter recently broke the 50 and 100 short course meters world records at FINA's WORLD CUP.... now the only pure pro-swimming circuit in the world... Stay tuned. I think the GRAND PRIX series will continue to develop in the pro direction. USA Swimming's passionate about making it very, very strong!!!!


    i gotta say, you've got all the girls on lj going craaaaazy because you used the Reezy nickname on your swimnetwork blog :)


    I am so blogging this - that was quite a bomb you dropped about a pro circuit! How cool would that be?


    I wanted to comment on something that was in your SwimNetwork column. You mentioned the Eastern European-looking men following MP around. I think it's probably a good guess that they were former intelligence agents-turned-bodyguards. I know that MP's guards in the UK were from a company that hires former personnel from the British Secret Service, counter-intelligence, and elite military special forces units, and I don't think it's a huge leap to assume that his guards in the US have the same sort of background.

    gold Medal Mel


    Thanks for comments.... MP is doing a lot for the sport. I think he deserves everything he gets...

    A pro-circuit is something that's been in-talks for nearly 2 decades. I know with all the positive media, and MP, a proposal's on deck right now for one. HOWEVER, it won't happen for another year. There are a lot of egos to tend with too. I hope it happens. Right now the right people are coming together...

    Re; Lochte, I support anything he does.... Lochte is going to be huge by 2012. His star's rising now... As far as "causes," all Olympians should partner with a cause, and give back. Olympians must set that example. Glad to see Lochte's found his footing there......


    i'm glad you're feeling better Mel. there really is nothing like friends and family - and in your case, water - to really help you out when you need it.

    lovin the 'gossip' ! everything buzzing around swimming for 09 is great news. how far along are the talks for a fall pro circuit?

    as far as MP signing with subway, i think that was a good move. he got so much flak for not going with wheaties as the "healthier" choice in cereal. personally and honestly what he chooses to endorse is not that big of a deal to me. i know it's simply for marketing purposes. and i know that it's all for the sake of keeping him in the spotlight as long as possible - to better the sport. but there are people, especially the kids, who look up to him so i do understand the concern in sponsorship choices.

    all i can think about is when he would always say how swimming is practically the #1 sport in australia, and how he always wanted to get it to that level here in the states.

    *sigh* i don't want to gush over mp, lol. i just have a strong sense of pride and respect for everything he's done and continues to do.

    i'm lovin the vlogs ! know you have a LOT to go through but i always look forward to seeing the new ones you post.


    OH. btw, i saw that you've joined in the Ryan Lochte fan drive to end Duchenne. what are your thoughts on fan based charities? i know GWG, MP, and Cullen Jones (have we treaded into initials *only* for CJ yet?) are doing great things out of the pool with their celebrity. (other swimmers as well, not just those 3). i think it's a good way for the fans to get more involved and do something positive to help out.

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