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    « An Open letter to Michael Phelps' Agent | Main | Michael Phelps 100 Fly goal time: 49:5 (GMM NEWS, Dec 1) »

    November 29, 2008


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    MP Fan

    I think people should stop criticizing Phelps as a spokeswhore. In "60 Minutes", it was reported that Carlisle rejected a US$ 5 million deal (wonder what that was). BTW anyone notice the contents of the famous goal lists when Bowman showed it to Anderson Cooper? Phelps' goals on 100 & 200 Fly were 49.50 & 1:51.1 respectively. But I think he "lied" when he said these were only 2 races which he didn't hit the goals in Beijing. I think I saw the 200 IM goal was 1:53.50, more than half a second faster than his current WR. Interesting to note other WR times he has set - 3:39 for 400 Free & 1:53.50 for 200 Back. In view of the fact that he already swam 53.01 in 07 US Nationals, surprised that his goal for 100 Back was so slow - just 53.


    Maly, thanks for your post. I'm a big fan of the French Olympic Team, specifically Laura and Alain and FRED, who has the best tats of any swimmers I've seen... I begged Freddy to tell me what OLYMPIC RINGS tat he was going to get after Beijing. He wouldn't give it up. Do you know (OR ANYONE WHO COMES TO THIS PAGE) what Olympic tat Freddy got? Any pics of it?


    i think mike can survive this, laure manaudou had to cope with a video , she is still very popular even after having a bad olympic games . because of laure and alain bernard , we are getting more swimming on tv. this year , we are having on the french public tv the evening session live of the europeen short course championship; and the french chanel of eurosport will be showing the french short course championship for the first time also.

    Mel Stewart

    Crystal, I personally hope MP is low-key next spring when he returns to the "run of the mill" competitions... I'm hoping an easier-going MP does more cool vids.... I'm thinking, now that he's done it (gone 8 for 8), he'll be loose and fun.......

    Mel Stewart

    Lili, Darth Vaderl? Really? We'll have to follow this theme.... It's interesting.... It has occurred to me that a person suddenly thrust into great power can turn to the dark side...... I doubt it with MP, a swimmer, but anything's possible.....


    and i think i'm officially caught up with my internetting. (been m.i.a. for a bit.... if you couldn't tell) :)

    i'm not worried about his image. he's in good hands. anyone who can read between the lines during interviews can tell that he's a down to earth person. but of course octagon is going to try to mold him into this half man half dolphin thing.

    you're right about reporters asking him all the same questions. i'm sure he has every answer memorized to a T. which is unfortunate for the fans, because we get filtered the same responses. which is no fault at all to mp. and that's why i absolutely love those random questions and interviews like the ones you posted above. he's laid back, not worried about the camera, and he's giving genuine answers.

    for the record, i know mp isn't perfect. i don't expect him to be. i know he has a private personal life, and i would never want to invade that. yes i am a fan, but i respect him and his family.


    Mel, I feel like MP is going to be Dart Vader of swimming. He was the most powerful Jedi, but he discovered the dark side of the force. :)


    MP Fan, I think Octagon's fine with the videos or the Baltimore Sun would've taken them down... I don't know what image Octagon has in mind, but I bet we could triangulate and figure it out....


    Sorry I haven't been commenting back. I was out most of today... I'm glad you all like the vids of MP. Thanks to Jennie we got all the links...


    Thanks for the post, Mel. I completely agree. He's 23 and hasn't been able to let loose in four years! Give the guy a break.

    So much love for those videos. LOVE. They're SO real and uninhibited.


    Interesting that Octagon doesn't these videos. The thing is, people don't like these contrived images everyone works so hard to create. We like real people.

    On the point of fans being disappointed by his behavior... well I think people need to just get over it. He's 23. Yeah he's 23 and he's just about as famous as you can get. He also, mind you, has worked harder than most of us will ever comprehend for the past 11 years so if he wants to go to Vegas and blow a few dollars and hang out with some chicks that wear a tad too much makeup, so be it! I have no problem making fun of him for it (because I find it amusing) but I honestly don't think he's doing anything wrong. In general, fans tend to get a little too possessive (especially after so many of us were so emotionally invested in the Olympics) and they want him to be perfect. Seems like he's acting like a "perfectly" normal 23 year old guy, to me. To be honest with you, when I saw those pictures of him at the Playboy club or-whatever-it-was, I wanted to pump my first in celebration. A guy's gotta have some fun, too.


    Thanks for positng the Chlorination video. I'd forgotten where I saw the video of Kevin van Valkenburg learning the butterfly. Kevin was an amazingly good sport to so willingly participate. He seems like a really good guy.

    MP Fan

    What image does Octagon want to build up? I think those videos only help in Phelps' image being a normal guy doing incredible things.

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